This IRES project focuses on active research participation by undergraduate and/or graduate students of Mechanical and Materials Engineering department and Electrical and Computing department at FIU in high quality international research for 10 weeks during summer at KUT. The FIU and KUT teams have combined expertise of the specified complementary research areas and a synergetic collaboration and exchange between the groups could result in research excellence. The KUT team has rich experience in various plasma chemical vapor deposition, surface characterization and nano-scale device development in general. The specific strength of the FIU group lies in developing unique microstructures and integration of functional materials for device fabrication. The example research topics are listed in the Table below, based on leveraging the resources at FIU and KUT for mutual benefit.

Example Research topics  
Mist chemical vapor deposition for nanomaterials synthesis
Metal-oxide thin films and nanostructures applying for optoelectronic devices
Deposition of fabricated ZnO nanorods for dye-sensitized solar cell
Growth control of carbon nanotube forest for electronic and photonic devices
Pulsed-DC Discharge for Plasma CVD of Carbon Thin Films
XPS investigation of 2D nanomaterials
Production and Control of Reactive Plasmas for Processing of Advanced Materials
Production, control and application of discharge plasma using a gas jet in the atmosphere or in a vacuum
Application of micro-arc plasma in highly pressurized sea water
Materials for quantum computing, sensing and communication